26 February 2024

Canoe and kayak rentals: au pont neuf

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Canoe Kayak
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Dreaming of escape? Look no further than Au Pont Neuf!

Located in Saint Michel d’Escalus, on the road to Linxe, between Castets and Léon, the team welcomes you in the midst of lush greenery, in a wild paradise setting.

This leisure center is located on the banks of La Palue, an extension of the Courant d’Huchet nature reserve. They’ll take you on one of the most beautiful canoeing trips in the Landes. A 2-hour stroll along an 8 km-long stretch of narrow river, lined with dense, damp vegetation, a silent, relaxing landscape where everyone progresses at their own pace to the sound of birdsong.

A safe sports activity for the whole family. A briefing is given before each descent, and all the necessary equipment is provided. The base is located at the end of the tour: you leave your vehicle there and they take you to the departure area by minibus. So you’ve got plenty of time for a stroll.

What’s more, a photographer will immortalize the moment and offer you a set of photos of your walk at attractive prices.

The entire team at the canoe base promises that this adventure in the middle of “Little Amazonia” will be one to remember!