25 March 2024

Atlantic Park de Seignosse

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Relax and have fun at Atlantic Park during your camping vacation near Seignosse
The Atlantic Park is the department’s largest water park. Located in Seignosse, it is renowned for the diversity of its water and land games and the sensations they provide.

Atlantic park, attractions

The Atlantic park boasts many amazing attractions. The double loop is one of them. It’s a giant 240-meter slide, ideal for those in search of thrills and speed. It is made up of several curves and serpentine loops. The Dark Master is also one of his craziest games. This is a toboggan made up of a tube with a very dark interior, with a descent of 180 meters before landing on the water. This game provides both thrills and excitement. The park also recommends the turbulence slide. With a height of 12 metres and a 200-metre slide, it features a course of several lanes that go up and down with surprising speed. Those who like speed can opt for the super kamikaze. It offers the best sensations on its 80-metre straight slide from a height of 9 metres. The latter is considered to be the fastest in the park, as the descent takes just 4 seconds. Speed water is the most exhilarating. With its 110-metre glide, it promises adventure and thrills. Last but not least, there’s the chama l’eau with its mysterious tunnel slide. The idea is to slide the 30 meters while remaining in the dark.
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Two Children On Water Slide At Aquapark

Vacations in Atlantic Park

The largest water park in the Landes department is open from June. It closes its doors in September. That’s why it’s the perfect destination for family vacations or fun with friends. However, to access all the park’s games, it’s useful to go through the ticket office. For those aged 12 and over, admission is 17 euros. The fee is 14 euros for children under 11 and people over 65. These entries remain valid for one day, but any departure is considered definitive. For its plus points, the place has a snack bar and guests can access WiFi free of charge.