26 March 2024

Quad biking in the Landes

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Randonnee Quad Landes
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During your camping vacation in the Landes, discover the region in a fun and original way by exploring forest trails and dune landscapes on a quad bike!

Rando Quad Land

Rando Quad Land is an open-air leisure park located in Saint-Michel-Escalus in the Landes region, 5 km from Léon, with a 30-hectare private forest for quad biking and paintball. Quad adventures can be enjoyed from the age of 14 as a driver, and from 7 as a passenger.
Rando Quad Land offers 1.5-hour rides on sandy forest trails, supervised by a qualified professional.
The session includes a half-hour briefing.
The machines are 150 cc and 300 cc auto.
The price is 65 euros for the driver and 26 euros for a non-driving passenger.
An 80-euro package includes quad biking and paintball.

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK: https: //youtu.be/OXZYTrx2AGc

Cap Rando Quad

Cap rando Quad, based in Dax, offers rides on top-of-the-range quads in the forests surrounding the Landes town.
Several routes are available, depending on the level and expectations of the participants: 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour or full-day tours, priced at 55, 89, 119 and 170 euros respectively for a solo driver.
The price for the duo activity is increased by 15 euros for the 1-hour hike, 21 euros for the 2-hour hike, 31 euros for the 3-hour hike, and 40 euros for the full day.
Quad biking requires an A, A1 or B license.
Passengers must be at least 7 years old.

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK: https: //youtu.be/3FIzw5KiLgU

Quad du Gaillou

Le Quad du Gaillou offers guided quad tours in the Landes forest, departing from Capbreton.
The agency has automatic Polaris Trail Blazer 330 quad bikes (with handlebars) and Polaris Ranger 570 Crew 4-seater SSVs (with steering wheel).
Prices start from 42.50 euros per participant for a 1h30 tandem tour.
Le Quad du Gaillou regularly offers special deals, such as family packs for 2 adults and 2 children on 2 quads or 1 4-seater buggy: for example, count 135 euros for a 1h30 quad tour for 4, and 195 euros for a 2h00 buggy tour for 4.


The importance of good quad insurance

The quad is considered a fully-fledged motorized land vehicle. That’s why it’s essential to take out an insurance policy that covers at least the “civil liability” part – this guarantee justifies the insurer’s intervention when you are responsible for an accident that causes bodily injury and/or material damage. The need to insure your quad also explains why it is allowed on certain roads – although it is strictly forbidden to ride a quad on freeways.

In addition to third-party liability coverage, you can also take out additional cover. And for optimum coverage, you can opt for a comprehensive policy that covers property damage, bodily injury, theft and other claims.

But it’s important to distinguish between approved and unapproved quads – Only the former can benefit from an insurance policy, so it’s vital to find out about the regulations (and to comply with them) before knocking on the insurer’s door, as the latter has the right to cancel any policy covering unapproved equipment.

The regulations set out a number of conditions for homologation. In particular, the quad must have :

  • a rear license plate,
  • a brake light
  • two lights, front and rear,
  • indicators,
  • a horn,
  • mirrors
  • engine and tires.