26 March 2024

Corrida, an emblematic tradition in the Landes region

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Debuts Arenes Dax
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More than just a show, Corrida has been elevated to an art form in the Landes region. Toreadors put on splendid performances and are sometimes worshipped like kings. Let’s discover the history of this art form and the Corrida strongholds for your camping vacation in the Landes.

Emblematic bullfighting venues in the Landes region

Corrida is a very important tradition in the Landes region. This may come as a surprise to those who thought this type of entertainment was only associated with the Camargue region of France. Indeed, bulls are sacred in the Landes too. More than just a game or a show, it’s an art and, for some, a passion. Matadors and other bullring champions are hailed for their skill, courage and strength. These men are sometimes admired to the point of being considered true Landes heroes.

Some emblematic bullfighting venues in the Landes :

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Where and when to see a Corrida in the Landes?

Corrida and other bullfighting events are numerous in the Landes region. To find out about all the events taking place on the dates of your stay, visit the Landes tourism website, for example, which has a calendar of festivals and férias.

To watch a Corrida in the Landes region, let’s zoom in on Dax, about an hour from your campsite.

This town is famous for celebrating the art of the Course Landaise and the Corrida.

In the park of the city’s bullring, you can discover a show that combines salsa and the fight between man and bull. Ideal for closing the summer season with fellow aficionados, the “Toros y Salsa” event takes place in mid-September.

This 3-day festival combines Latin music, dance and various forms of bullfighting.


More shows in the Landes

In addition to bullfighting, there are a variety of performances that combine tradition and showmanship, where bulls and bullfighters are hailed as true stars. Some shows go as far as the death of the animal, while others accentuate the spectacular aspect with a festive staging.

Course landaise: another tradition.

Course Landaise differs from Corrida in that the animal is not killed, either during or at the end of the show. The animals selected for these races are mainly females or young males. The game is now recognized as an official sport.

The Course Landaise is a tradition that is often highlighted in the Landes region, becoming more important than the Corrida. Various figures (jumps, splits…) can be performed by men (and more rarely, women), who are veritable acrobats. In these representations, you can admire, on the one hand, the wild animal and its strength, and on the other, man at the height of his skill and bravery.

Novilladas, a taste of Spain in the southwest

In addition to the Corrida, you can also discover the Novilladas, for which only young bulls are chosen. It’s the ideal way to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle and ancient customs. The outcome of the fight can then vary for the bull depending on the Novillada.

Toro-piscine: an original discipline to discover

The “toro-piscine” or bull-pool is a game in which participants must lure the cow into the pool, usually located in the center of the arena or field. Whoever manages to get the animal into the pool wins the competition.

The team at the 3-star Les Cigales campsite will also be able to tell you all about the bullfighting events taking place during your vacation in the Landes.