7 April 2024

Adrenaline park: adventure course

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Adrenaline Park
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Adrénaline Parc is one of France’s oldest playgrounds, having been created in 1987. At the time, it only offered quad and kart cross rentals, but in 1992 it began opening its doors to the public with paintball. Today, the park offers a total of 23 circuits and 230 different games. It is one of France’s largest parks.

Before accessing the courses, each participant must follow a few parameters for practice and safety. Anyone wishing to access the games must wear a harness and have the rules in mind. However, the park supplies the equipment and the instructors are responsible for equipping the members. They are also responsible for everyone’s safety, and are present throughout the course. They intervene if necessary.

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Choice of entertainment

L’Adrénaline Parc offers three options for the public, including adventure courses, paintball, quads and mini-bikes. Each circuit takes 20 minutes. Families can choose between 5 different routes, from the smallest to the largest. There are also 2 green trails. These are dedicated to climbing enthusiasts. The net spaces, meanwhile, take the form of a labyrinth. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted, with slides for sliding, crawling and even climbing. The caving area is the heart of the family trail. It is both dark and narrow. The park also has a special area for children under 10. It features 7 safe courses under parental supervision. The remaining 11 courses are reserved for teenagers and adults. They come in a range of levels and can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Quad bikes and mini bikes are available for children over 6 and adults. The sand circuit is made up of 4 tracks. Each participant is equipped with a helmet, and quads are given to them according to their age.

Finally, there’s paintball, which can be played on two different wooded areas. The game lasts two hours, and each player is equipped with a suit and mask.