25 March 2024

Visit Labenne Zoo in the Landes region of France

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The residents of Labenne Zoo

Covering an area of 5 hectares, Labenne Zoo is home to many species of animals and vegetation. It’s a landscaped park in the heart of the Landes forest. Over the years, the site has managed to retain all its assets, remaining natural and wild at the same time. In fact, the zoo is made up of pine and cork oak trees, making it a natural choice for great shots.

Discover the official Labenne zoo website.

Another special feature of Labenne Zoo is that it is home to a wide variety of animals and birds from every continent. Among them are the lemurs that make their home on Lemur Island. As for birds, there’s the Great South American Aviary. This 300 m² area is home to over 30 bird species, including 3 different species of macaw and 4 species of ibis. Labenne Zoo also preserves other animals such as wolves and raccoons, which are enclosed by wooden fences. It is also home to rare and endangered birds such as Japanese and Siberian cranes and other species unique to Europe.

Ring Tailed Lemur On Branch Of Tree

Access and extras

Labenne Zoo opens its doors to the public from February to November. Both young and old are welcome, but the site is at its busiest during the vacations. During these periods, zoo staff are on hand to pass on information about the lives of the animals in the area, including their habits, origins, way of life and so on.

Admission is 9 euros for adults and 6.5 euros for children. Access remains free for children under 3. The square also features a small restaurant serving sweets, drinks and more. Picnicking is also possible. The zoo has a special area for this purpose. And if you want to make your visit unforgettable, there’s a souvenir store on site.