2 February 2024

Camping Biscarrosse

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Visit the third largest town in the Landes during your stay in the Landes. Just a few kilometers from the Gironde, it is home to over 13,000 inhabitants. However, during the summer season, this figure can rise to as many as 100,000 residents, thanks to Biscarrosse’s attractive surroundings.

3-star camping vacations in Biscarrosse

Les Cigales campsite is located not far from Biscarrosse, in the Landes region of Aquitaine.
You’ll have plenty of time to discover all the region has to offer: the Biscarrosse and Parentis lakes where Aquapark awaits you, the Cazeau and Sanguinet lakes and their museum of Biscarrosse history and traditions, the superb Vivier beach and the Casino de l’Océan.
Located opposite the beach at Moliets-et-Maa in the Landes region, Les Cigales campsite offers a privileged natural environment for a wide range of leisure activities, including surfing, hiking, fishing and cycling…
The Biscarrosse campsite offers a range of services, including sanitary blocks, laundry facilities and communal barbecues. There’s something for everyone, including a secure play area for the little ones, a multisport pitch and a fitness area.
For your convenience, there are a number of shops within the Landes campsite grounds, including a tobacconist’s, mini-market, rotisserie-caterer and Les Cigales restaurant.

Vacations Campsite Biscarosse 3stars (1)


Mobile home camping near Biscarrosse

The Biscarrosse campsite offers a wide range of mobile homes and chalets for rent, set in 23 hectares of pine forest, facing the Atlantic Ocean. All are spacious and equipped with a fitted kitchen, shower room, w.c., storage space and a lovely shaded terrace with garden furniture.
The Biscarrosse campsite has :

  • 1- to 2-person mobile homes from 26.76 m² to 29.20 m², price €340 to €740 per week
  • chalet for 1 to 4 people, 36 m², price €599 to €882 per week
  • mobile homes and chalets for 1 to 6 people from 45 m² to 56.40 m², price €480 to €928
  • mobile homes for 1 to 8 people from 49.07 m² to 60.20 m², price €629 to €994

Depending on the time of year, we offer special promotions at attractive prices: long-stay offers, short-stay offers, Semana Santa specials, integration weekends.
Now let’s discover the region’s tourist activities.

Biscarrosse sightseeing tour

The Landes commune of Biscarrosse boasts a number of assets considered to be part of the town’s heritage. Firstly, the coat of arms, featuring a silver helmet belonging to a lord of Biscarrosse. The legend of the elm is also part of the town. It is marked by a special tree in front of St Martin’s church. A white wreath of flowers blossoms every May. The fortified church of Saint Martin is another landmark of the town of Biscarrosse (Biscarrosse campsite). It dates from the 14th or 15th century and features three naves under a distinctive architecture that gives it all its splendor. For all families at camping Biscarrosse, take a day or half-day to enjoy Aquapark. The town of Biscarrosse has several museums of different kinds. The largest is Hydraviation. It welcomes over 20,000 visitors every year. As the town witnessed the testing of Latécoère seaplanes, this museum has been specially dedicated to their history. Then there’s the Museum of Traditions and History, which reflects the entire history of Biscarrosse: birth, culture, landscape, maintenance and everything else that has affected the town over the years.

Biscarosse Sightseeing

The great lakes of Biscarrosse

Biscarrosse’s three poles are among its top performers. These are the town, the beach and the lake. The town center is the most densely populated part of the municipality, home to over 10,000 residents. This is the administrative and commercial heart of the area. It is therefore very popular with the neighborhood. The second pole concerns the square. In fact, the town of Biscarrosse is home to a renowned seaside resort that is very popular with visitors in both winter and summer. Last but not least, the lakes cluster, for which the company is famous. Its three lakes are linked by a canal.
Biscarrosse – Cazaux – Sanguinet delights water sports enthusiasts and swimmers alike. The Lac de Biscarrosse-Parentis, meanwhile, is a favourite with anglers and hunters. The smaller lake is dedicated to nature lovers, as it has a wilder, more unspoilt character. Discover the Etang de Cazaux and Sanguinet

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