26 March 2024

Book your off-season stay at the 3-star campsite in Moliets

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Looking for a peaceful, relaxing vacation in Moliets? Look no further than the 3-star Les Cigales campsite. Nestled in an unspoilt natural setting, it offers an ideal retreat for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist season. In this article, we present the advantages of booking an off-season stay with family or friends at Les Cigales campsite.

You’ll discover why this time of year is perfect for enjoying tranquility and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy this seaside destination without the hustle and bustle of summer tourism.


Moliets-Plage in the off-season, a haven of peace

During the off-season, Moliets-Plage regains its natural tranquility. The beaches are transformed into oases of calm. where you can relax and recharge your batteries. You can enjoy long walks along the coast without being disturbed by the crowds. In June and September, the temperature is ideal for swimming in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. All this, without any clutter.

Relax and recharge your batteries

Camping Landes Les Cigales is the ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries. Take advantage of the campsite’s relaxation areas and facilities to take some time for yourself. Read a book under the pine trees, sunbathe by the pool. Or take part in an outdoor yoga session to relax and soothe your mind. Take full advantage of the peaceful atmosphere and quiet of the off-season to recharge your batteries.


Low rates and off-season special offers

Booking a stay at the 3-star Les Cigales campsite in the off-season also means you can take advantage of lower rates. Off-season periods are often less popular. This means more affordable accommodation. What’s more, many campsites offer special deals and discounts to encourage off-season bookings. So you can enjoy all the benefits of Les Cigales at an attractive price and save on your vacation budget.


A more intimate experience

Off-season bookings at Landes Bord de Mer offer a more intimate and personalized experience. With fewer campers present. You can enjoy more individual attention from the campsite staff, and make the most of the facilities and activities available. You can choose your preferred campsite. But also socialize with other campers who share the same interests and take part in group activities in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.


Capbreton Plage


Discover Moliets-Plage’s off-season outdoor activities

Moliets is located in the Landes department. Moliets Plage is packed with outdoor activities that can be even more enjoyable in the off-season. Whether you want to cycle along the picturesque cycle paths or surf the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can also go hiking in the sand dunes. And last but not least, enjoy a round of golf on one of the region’s renowned courses! You’ll have plenty of time to explore and enjoy these activities without the summer tourist crowds.

Explore the surrounding countryside on picturesque hikes

Moliets-Plage, located in the south-west of France, abounds in magnificent natural landscapes that can be explored on picturesque hikes. Put on your hiking boots and explore the trails that wind through sand dunes, pine forests and along the Atlantic coast. Admire the wild beauty of the region, observe the local flora and fauna and soak up the serene atmosphere of the surrounding countryside.

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Book your off-season stay at Moliets-Plage, a haven of relaxation and nature in the Landes region of France

Whether you’re looking for tranquility, relaxation or adventure, our Les Cigales campsite offers an exceptional experience. Imagine strolling along the immense, unspoilt beaches, feeling the gentle murmur of the waves and enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you. By booking off-season, you can avoid the summer crowds, benefit from low rates and discover the true essence of Moliets-Plage.

Book an off-season stay at Les Cigales campsite in Moliets-Plage. It’s a smart choice for a peaceful, relaxing and affordable vacation. Enjoy the tranquility of the beaches, low rates, a more intimate and personalized experience, and outdoor activities without the summer crowds.

Whether you want to enjoy water sports, explore the surrounding countryside or simply relax in peaceful surroundings, Les Cigales campsite is the ideal place for an unforgettable off-season vacation in the Landes. Book now and get ready for a unique experience at the 3-star Les Cigales campsite in Moliets-Plage.