26 March 2024

Rent a boat in the Landes

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Louer Bateau
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Renting a boat is the ideal way to enjoy the sea air as a family, couple or group of friends. Here’s all the information you need to rent a boat in the Landes during your stay at camping Moliets et Maa.

With Skipcool

With Skipcool, a rental company based in Capbreton, come aboard a sailboat and be accompanied by a skipper. He can teach you how to sail this magnificent boat. You’ll be able to enjoy the joys of sailing, without any apprehension thanks to your guide. The price is €50 for an adult and €25 for a child. A half-day on board will cost you €80. If you’d like to organize a superb cruise to Spain, you’ll need between 600 and 1100 euros to travel aboard a 12-meter sailing yacht. Skipcool offers different types and sizes of boats, so you can also opt for a canoe or catamaran.

Azur Nautique Voile near Soustons

Azur Nautique Voile, located on the “Azur” beach a few kilometers from Soustons, offers boat rentals in the Landes region. Many models are available: canoes, kayaks, catamarans, 420s, windsurfers, caravels and more. With these different boats, there’s something for everyone. A private windsurfing lesson for 1 hour will cost you €20. For the same duration and for a sailing course on a sailboat in individual or couple mode, the price is €30. Rentals of smaller craft such as pedalos will cost €10 and €8 for canoes and kayaks. Small budgets can indulge themselves! Azur Nautique Voile is open from early July to mid-September.

Carpe Diem: rent a boat in the Landes region

“Carpe Diem” is the name of the sailboat on which you may be about to embark. Come aboard the 11-meter sailing yacht Carpe Diem and benefit from the knowledge of Captain Philippe Ducamp. He is an experienced sailor. While this captain has long explored the seas and oceans of the globe, he is now in Capbreton for your pleasure. Benefit from expert advice throughout your trip aboard the Carpe Diem!

XCat in Capbreton to rent a boat

Rent a boat in the Landes and set off for adventure on the Atlantic Ocean. The Côte d’Argent offers some of its most beautiful scenery if you decide to come aboard XCat’s X-Plorer. An adult seat on this boat costs €25, and €12 for a child under 12. Do you have 3 children? ? Opt for the family package (2 adults and 3 children) for 87.50 euros. If you’d like to explore the surrounding area together on the water, you’ll need to pay €250 for 12 people.

“X” ways to experience a Landes excursion

XCat also offers ocean outings with a guide. The skipper will ensure that your outing takes place in optimal conditions. Thanks to XCat’s wide range of offers, you can also opt for surfing and fishing. 4 hours of fishing are available at €60. The fee for a non-fishing companion is €30. A 4-hour surf lesson with a guide costs €150.

The ocean and tapas at sunset: dinner on the water.

In addition to a range of packages, XCat also offers the X-Tapas option. For 2 hours on the water, enjoy delicious tapas while watching the sunset. It will be a magical memory. For a feast in a landscape of shades of red and orange, the price is €55 for adults and €35 for children. The sunset on the Atlantic coast is known to be very romantic. This formula is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Rent a boat – Au fil de l’eau

At “Au fil de l’eau”, you can rent a boat and enjoy freshwater cruising on Lac de Léon and nearby rivers. It can also be an opportunity to discover the Landes in a different way, near Moliets. You can rent a canoe, a sailboat or take a course to sail with the wind. Prices range from €30 to €140 for a lesson and from €8 to €40 for a rental. Explore nature in the water – it’s the perfect way to recharge your batteries!

If you want to rent a boat in the Landes, there’s something for everyone. Budget-conscious families and groups will also find something to enjoy. Rent a boat in the Landes and discover the most natural facets of the region during your stay.