26 March 2024

Skydiving in the Landes

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Saut Parachute
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Take advantage of your camping holiday in the Landes to make a dream come true and try skydiving! A land of wide-open spaces, the Landes offers a unique view from the sky.

Storks Free fall

Cigognes Chute Libre is a skydiving and free-fall school based in Tosse near Seignosse. The school’s founding instructor, Sophie Nefussy, is the holder of several French and European freefly and relative flight records.
Cigognes Chute libre offers introductory free-fall jumps supervised by two instructors, from a plane flying at an altitude of 4,200 meters.
This formula allows you to pilot your canopy all the way to landing once the parachute is open.
The tandem flight offers you the experience of one minute of freefall followed by 5 to 6 minutes of parachute flight.
Your descent can be filmed.
Prices are 260 euros for a tandem jump, and 390 euros for an introductory jump. The video editing option costs 80 euros.
The school also offers courses of 7, 10 or 15 jumps. Baptisms and initiations take place in Pau or La Réole.

YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK: https: //youtu.be/kAR5pKm3RQo


OBJ parachuting

The OBJ Para skydiving school offers a wide range of services, from skydiving initiation to courses and certification.
OBJ is based at the Mimizan airfield, between lake and ocean.
The school offers tandem jumps for 260 euros, or 340 euros with the video souvenir option.
The introductory jump is an autonomous jump, supervised by two instructors: it costs 400 euros. The activity can be practiced on presentation of a medical certificate of no contraindication, from the age of 15.
The person making the jump must weigh less than 95 kg for a tandem flight, and less than 100 kg for an initiation flight.

Davy parachuting

Davy parachutisme offers tandem parachute jumps, introductory jumps and skydiving courses from the La Réole or Pau-Lasclaveries airfields.
The tandem flight can be filmed, so you can share these unforgettable moments with your loved ones.
The introductory jump is ideal if you want to learn how to steer your own sail.
Davy parachutisme also organizes wind tunnel courses to teach flying and falling techniques to beginners during the autumn and winter seasons. Prices are 260 euros for a tandem first flight, and 390 euros for a PAC initiation jump.
Expect to pay 80 or 100 euros for video extras, or video and photos combined.