2 May 2024

Escape game in the Landes

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Escape Game Les Landes
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Take advantage of your camping holiday in the Landes to enjoy an original Escape Game experience with family and friends! In and around Hossegor, a number of sites offer you the chance to immerse yourself in a variety of fantastic or historical worlds, and to take on original challenges.

Time-Lapse Hossegor

A life-size escape game, Time Lapse is located in the Pédebert area, famous for hosting Hossegor’s annual braderie. The site is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm. Put your team together and try to escape before the hour is up to win! 3 rooms, 3 scenarios and 3 moods await you at Time Laps: a surf-spirit adventure in the home of your “friend Josh”, an “Operation Saint-Emilion” in the cellar of a wealthy collector, or a mission as an elf to save the magic of Christmas! The first two missions can be played by 3, 4 or 5 people, the third by 2 or 3. An hour’s escape costs 72 euros for 2 players, 90 euros for 3 players, and 100 euros for 4 or 5 players. Access to the games is by reservation only.

Direction Issue Vieux-Boucau

Open every day from early July to late August, the Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains escape game invites you to form a team of 3 to 5 people and try to solve the enigmas that will enable you to escape before the end of the hour-long game. The subject of the scenario is the world of art, and more specifically that of Rembrandt’s works. It’s based on a true story about the disappearance of one of the artist’s works from a series of 5 canvases depicting the five senses. The price per person to try out the adventure and challenge the dangerous fences is 25 euros for a team of 3 players, 22 euros for a team of 4, and 19 euros for a team of 5. Children aged 8 and over can take part with their parents.

Escape You Anglet

The latest life-size Escape game in Anglet, Escape You is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm. The site invites you to plunge into a wide variety of worlds, from Mayan temples for a fantastic archaeological adventure to the casino for the heist of the century. Escape You also offers two virtual reality escape challenges that plunge you into the world of the famous game Assasin’s Creed: The Lost Pyramid and L’Antre de la Méduse. Le Temple Maudit and Le Casse du Siècle can be played in teams of 3 to 6 players. The price, on a sliding scale, is 90 euros for 3 players, 100 euros for 4 or 5 players, and 120 euros for 6 players. The virtual reality escape can be played by 2 or 4 people, and costs 70 or 120 euros.