26 March 2024

Discover sea fishing in Capbreton

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Boat departures to the open sea for an introduction to fishing take place from the port of Capbreton, the only ocean port in the Landes region.
Discover 3 service providers who offer you this unique sea fishing experience during your camping vacation in the Landes:

X Cat

The captain of the catamaran X-Cat offers a wide range of sea outings, including the Landes coast, a magical sunset, a dolphin encounter, a tapas cruise or a surf trip.
Its services also include a fishing trip off Capbreton. Activities include longline fishing close to the coast, trolling for mackerel, trolling for bonito and jigging for chipirons.
The price is 45 euros for a 3-hour evening outing and 60 euros for a 4-hour morning. The X-Cat also takes you offshore for an introduction to tuna fishing: the activity, reserved for adults, takes place over a full day and costs 200 euros.

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Cap pêche Loisirs

Sea fishing guide and skipper Christophe Barriola boasts an incredible track record in international shore fishing competitions.
With Cap Pêche Loisirs, it offers sea outings, fishing trips, fishing initiation courses and multi-activity packs.
The agency has two vessels equipped for sport fishing and passenger transport.
At sea, Cap Pêche Loisirs organizes introductory inshore fishing courses from 45 euros; half-day inshore fishing courses from 90 euros; and full-day tuna fishing courses from 200 euros.
Multi-activity packs include a fishing activity combined with a quad-biking escape and/or an introduction to surfing.

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Professional fishing guide and lure maker, Denis Desbuards is a Bigfishs instructor: he’ll take you aboard his 9-meter, 2 x 200 hp Merry Fisher to show you different Atlantic fishing techniques.
Bigfishs offers tuna fishing trips for 210 to 400 euros per person for a full day, depending on the number of participants (from 1 to 4); shark fishing days for 400 euros per trainee, 200 euros per person in a group of 2 or 3, or 750 euros for a 4-person package; half-day or full-day introductory courses in vertical fishing (from 320 euros to 600 euros for a 4-trainee package); or an apprenticeship in support fishing techniques (same price).
You can also take a multi-fishing course to learn several techniques: prices range from 270 to 320 euros for a half-day outing, and from 570 to 600 euros for a full day.
The long course allows you to spend a night on the boat.