12 March 2024

Gaujacq Castle

Part Of Gaujacq Castle In Landes
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Visit Château de Gaujacq during your vacation in the Landes. Château de Gaujacq is one of 40 castles in the Landes region. However, it is the only one to open its doors to the public during a certain period of the year: from April to September.

Gaujacq Castle

Château de Gaujacq was built by François de Sourdis, a Lieutenant General in Louis XIV’s army, in the 17th century. At the time, the building served as his home. It was built on an ancient Roman estate and lies at the heart of a botanical garden. This lieutenant chose the site for his construction, as it is close to an ancient château belonging to his ancestors: the de Caupenne family. Since then, however, the palace has changed ownership several times.

What sets this building apart is its unique architecture, built in the image of an Italian fort. The work was mind-boggling, and not surprising given that it was the work of Italian architects. This led to it being listed as one of the department’s historic monuments. The surrounding area also boasts a rich and distinctive natural environment.

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Visit the Château de Gaujacq

Many people around the world have a unique interest in Château de Gaujacq. Unlike other palaces in the Landes region, this one is open to the public, and those with a keen interest in the building can take a guided tour. They can then travel back in time to discover the palace’s intact 17th-century apartments and antique furnishings.

Normal admission is 6 euros. However, certain people can benefit from a reduced rate of 5 euros, depending on their situation. Admission for children under 12 remains free. The château also offers a night-time candlelight tour of the grounds, but this is only available with prior reservation. At this point, the price is 10 euros. Group visits vary according to the number of people.

A visit to Château de Gaujacq is certainly surprising, but other attractions are also available on site, such as a stroll through its majestic park with its Italian gallery veiled in roses. This is a great opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the Pyrenees and the Chalosse valleys. Exploring the Plantarium is also a very rewarding experience. More than 3,000 varieties of plants can be found here, spread over a hectare. A true botanical paradise.