25 March 2024

The Dax bullring

Bull Fighting Arena Of Dax France
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Visit the Dax bullring during your vacation in the Landes. At one time, arenas were an important part of the area. They served as a place of bullfighting entertainment for its inhabitants and neighbors. Today, the Dax arena has become a venue for many different kinds of events throughout the year.

The beginnings of the arena

In the eighteenth century, bullfighting was already exciting the world. But in Dax, they had no fixed location for this popular activity. Deemed a dangerous practice, Governor Guyenne conditioned it to be carried out in an enclosed, secure area. The first wooden arenas were built in 1857, and were already 40 meters long. But the 2000 seats they could hold were not enough, which led to the idea of enlarging it in 1890.

Aware of the popularity of bullfighting, the Dax town council decided to convert the wooden bullring into a permanent one. This led to the construction of the Dax arena on the banks of the Adour in 1913. Andalusian in style, they could only hold 5,500 people. In 1932, following an increase in the number of spectators for the annual bullfighting festivals, the mayor of Dax, with the help of carpenters and joiners, increased the number of seats in the stands to the current 8,000.

Arenas with specific structures