25 March 2024

Marais d’Orx nature reserve

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Labenne Marais D´orx
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Located in Labenne in the southwest of the Landes département, it stands out as the last wetland on the coast. Thanks to its idyllic, natural setting, it becomes home to many different kinds of birds and animals. It is also for this reason that it has been classified as a Natura 2000 site.


Marais d’Orx reserve

What to see in the reserve

At present, the Marais d’Orx nature reserve is the main destination for anatidae during the rainy season. But these aren’t the only species it offers hospitality to: it’s also home to other bird species in addition to its own. To date, there are 247 different bird species, 137 of which are migratory. They are rare and only stay for a certain period of time. The remaining 110 are breeding species.

The reserve also features different environments. Some are swampy and wet, while others are drier. These enable birds to find the ideal environment for their various needs, such as a home, nesting box, food source, etc.

Other animals include reptiles, insects, mammals and amphibians. These are adapted to wetlands, and can be spotted while remaining on the tour path.

During your vacation in the Landes, visit the Marais d’Orx, where our guides offer a wide range of nature activities. It’s also possible to see the wetland’s inhabitants using binoculars or other equipment. Finally, if the 6.2 kilometer route seems longer, you can opt for the Marais Buret route, which is only 5.8 kilometers long.