Biodiversity, environment :  <br>we plant and replant for tomorrow !
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Biodiversity, environment :
we plant and replant for tomorrow !


Long before the ecological alert was triggered, we have always considered that, in an exceptional setting, the environmental approach should be a priority : maintenance of our trees and shrubs, vegetal delimitation of the pitches…

Some of our pines are becoming more fragile : at 80 years of age or more, some of these pines which, when younger, were often exploited to extract their resin, must be cut down to preserve the safety of all.

Every year, we have to cut down 80 to 100 maritime pines scattered throughout the campsite.
But we have always paid particular attention to the replacement of these trees, and the replanting.
Faced with climate change, we must now react by varying the species of our new plantations : therefore, this year, and every year from now on, we are replanting 150 trees : maritime pines dear to the Landes, of course, but also cork oaks and umbrella pines, to contribute even more to the landscape continuity between the site and the campsite and to reinforce the environmental spirit of the place.

Please help us in this process by being attentive to our replanted shoots and shrubs which are still fragile, but not always easy to spot : be careful not to walk or drive too close to them!
Thanks to you all !